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Change is Afoot


Hello e>v friends! Elissa here with an update: I'm excited to report that I'm about to be your official Evolution Through Vacation guinea pig. Yes, I'm an Evolution Through Vacation co-author. Yes, I try to live by the principles of e>v every day. And, yes, I always keep the e>v mission top of mind no matter where I am. 

But today? I'm at a crossroads in my life. I'm currently trying to sell the business that I've built and worked on for 12 years. I'm reevaluating my professional passions. I'm learning I have new interests. I'm ready to release some bad habits. And, as I inch toward my mid-40s, I know that I'm on the precipice of "what's next." Problem is ... I just don't know what that is.

So when my husband, Daniel (Daniel, meet the e>v community ... e>v folks, meet Daniel), was offered a new project in Indonesia, I jumped at the chance to join him. Not only to continue to hang out with the most-amazing person / coolest dude on the planet (again, meet Daniel) but to also take this opportunity for myself. To hit reset, to dig into my recent challenges and, to share some learnings along the way. 

And here we are. As my & Daniel's travel plans came into focus, I downloaded a copy of the Evolution Through Vacation e-guide and hit "print." Even more? I made a visit to my trusty office-supply store for a purty, green folder and handy-dandy chapter dividers. (I even punched holes in the damn thing.) All to help me shake up my thinking, see the world with fresh eyes and find a new direction. All on the road.

I'm ready to begin.

First up: if you're new to the e>v world, the e-guide dives right into an Intro section (pic above) that helps get travelers (me!) geared up for the adventure. My favorite parts? 
  • Certain quotes were inspiring out of the gate: "Become a possibilitarian" from Norman Vincent Peale hit me between the eyes.
  • Getting reacquainted with the e>v process felt inspiring: I'll be following the traditional Rite of Passage (Prep, The Trip, Re-Entry) ... this reminded me that I am embarking on a sacred journey (even if it does include a piña colada or two).
  • And, through it all, a favorite saying of my mom's kept rising to the top: "Wherever you go, there you are." In fact, this is the most grounding concept of e>v to me ... a reminder that I am everywhere. Or: I can't run away from the challenges I'm facing. I can't escape from the feelings I'm experiencing. I can't skip over this growth process. No matter where we go, I'M always there. Today, I'm feeling better about this. And actually looking forward to this adventure ... with myself.

So, here we go. Here I go. It's time to face the world... Ready for the adventure? I know I am. 

- Elissa

P.S. Next post we dive into the e>v Prep section -- check it out!



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  • Hello from the coolest dude!!! Really inspiring :-)


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