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The Perfect Travel Partner


That guy up there in the orange shirt? The one laughing with new friends who, at most, share four words of a common language? That's Daniel, my husband.

He's my love, my best friend, my champion and most of all – as I use the Evolution Through Vacation e-guide to explore not only my surroundings but myself – the perfect travel partner.

This part of the journey, however – the emotional roller coaster of personal development – hasn't always been easy for me. Or fun for him... 

Recap: if you're new to Evolution Through Vacation, the e>v ("e-through-v") guide helps travelers use vacation as a way to tap into deeper parts of ourselves – what we might want to address or change, honor or celebrate. All to imagine a new way forward or reimagine new outcomes to old challenges. 

The premise? Along with the exercises in the guide, travel presents a fluid space of discovery and an excellent tool for personal growth. The unknown world of "the new" shows us how we allow experiences to change us ... and where we may default to old patterns, responses or reactions. In short, e>v elevates vacations to an external and internal experience. 

Which brings me back to Daniel ... who has turned out to be the perfect travel partner for this journey.

Now, of course, I knew how amazing he is to travel with ... it's one of my favorite things about him. From our very first vacation together, he always responds openly to times of joy and exhilaration ... as well as stress and frustration.

Examples? He's the kind of traveler who calmly connects with airline employees who can't get us on a flight or to hotel staff who can't find a reservation. He's the kind of traveler who gleefully expresses his curiosity for new experiences or places that speak to his soul. He's the kind of traveler who happily rolls with the punches as we bump into each other for the billionth time in a 10x10 hotel room. And, most of all, he's the kind of traveler who leaves his ego at the door and is open no matter the situation, especially when it's just the two of us in an unknown land.

And now, as we travel through Indonesia and tack on the added layer of personal adventure – aka, my personal development! – it's not only reconfirmed that I've found the perfect travel partner but THE most kickass life partner as well. 

As I explore my purpose, faith, expression and more, he listens as I decide and undecide, learn and unlearn, grow and retreat, try and try again. 

As I revisit old triggers, he listens as I unravel myself from past personas and demons. 

As I try new experiences, he listens as I explain the process and discover new facets of myself. 

As I pause mid-story, he listens when I get mad at him for offering advice when I really just wanted him to listen.

It's these people who stand by us, stick with us, see us through – no matter what we're going through in this world – that make the journey all the better.

So, thank you, Daniel. For being one of the most kind, caring, loving people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. For going on this journey with me, inside and out. For being, literally, the perfect travel partner. 

Be it significant other or sister, bestie or brother, colleague or community, the people in our lives who truly allow us to explore – and continue to love us through it all – are the keepers...



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